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Marquette Catholic High School simply wishes to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for always supporting our mission in your own special way.  We could not do what we do without you.  Your support has benefited the growth and excellence of, not only our current student body, but also that of many to come.

Because of your time, talent and treasure . . .

Financial:  Did you know that Marquette Catholic High School retired all outstanding loans to the Gary Diocese in Spring 2016? Through generous benefactors and the Marquette Foreign Exchange Company, the school has achieved financial freedom in terms of moving ahead with our mission. Yes, the last remaining balance on the loan was paid in full!  Don’t misunderstand; we still face challenges each year to ensure that current bills and budgetary needs are covered.  However, it is important to note that no other outstanding debt looms over our heads. Additionally, through the continued efforts of the Marquette Foreign Exchange Company, the outstanding loan from our Marquette Foundation has been absorbed and no longer a school burden. This reality is a blessing and truly amazing. The school has retired debts that have been on the books for over 20 years.

Enrollment: During the past ten years, our enrollment has increased over 100% to over 300 students. The Class of 2019, getting ready to move into their junior year, hit a high of 90 students.  With our continued 100% college acceptance rate, college-preparatory curriculum, global studies programs, inspiring teachers, rising athletic programs, and the opening of Marquette’s Center for Global Advancement, the word is out; Marquette is the place to be!

Faith & Service: Marquette Catholic has created permanent partnerships and weekly service opportunities with Reins of Life, Sharing Meadows and the Sand Castle Shelter. Our Theology curriculum has been revised and updated upon the direction of Bishop Hying to include seven new courses of study. Our retreat program includes opportunities for student leadership and faith exploration via our 4-day Kairos experience, the freshman tolerance exploration, and our sophomore service engagement. Did you also know all teachers in 2016 attended a Catechetical credited course this fall at the University of Notre Dame so that all faculty share a common knowledge base of our Catholic Faith? Following the examples set by Jesus Christ is our daily mission.

Global Education: Students are not only encouraged to think and study globally, but are living their dreams of studying abroad.  Study opportunities are currently in France, China, Spain with more to come.  Additionally, 25 world languages are available to study, thanks to the Global Language Lab. Study trips to Italy, Germany and The Hague, London and more have been offered allowing the overall majority of our student body the chance to travel and learn, firsthand, what their world is all about.  80% of Marquette’s current student population has traveled abroad. Did you know in the Fall of 2016, Marquette opened the doors to its new “Center for Global Advancement” which included a Trading, Business & Finance Lab in addition to our Rosetta Stone Language Lab? The Center also hosts a communications lab and an area for meetings and speakers.

Tolerance, Human Rights, Diversity, Business, Technology and Global Challenges will be the focus of studies at the Center for 2016-2018.  This center is the first of its kind for High Schools in the State of Indiana.  Not only that, but throughout the United States, only a handful of high schools offer this exciting opportunity for their students. 

College Courses: Marquette offers over 50 dual college-high school credits. Beginning in the Fall of 2016, Marquette will begin exploring a partnership with Indianapolis University and Ivy Tech to implement an “Early College” curriculum leading to an Associate’s Degree and work-place certificates. Our newly added business and global curriculum will afford students opportunities unique to those that attend Marquette Catholic High School. Marquette offers credits in Advanced Placement and will be offering 12 new dual-credit business classes this fall, 2016!!! 

Please know our development goals include creating an active and sustaining donor membership for Marquette Catholic High School. We hope you will consider becoming part of this initiative.

Join us as we continue to grow the Marquette Tradition.

James G. White, M.Ed.


p:  219.873.1325

f:  219.873.1327

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the traditional way of educating our students. We believe in thinking critically and inspiring them to do the same. We do this by encouraging them to be driven, to be global, to be passionate, to be connected, to find faith, to discover God and to work for the Common Good. We ask our students to embrace high expectations, to become exceptional and, ultimately, change the world.     #moreatMQT

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