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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Student Program at Marquette Catholic High School?
MQT proudly welcomes students from all over the world. The vision of our International Student Program is to promote international understanding, to create memorable and diverse learning opportunities, to transform critical intercultural perspectives and to nurture global connections. Some of our international students attend MQT for a few months for an American high school experience and to enhance their English language skills. Other international students attend our school for a true four year MQT experience and ultimately earn a Marquette Catholic High School diploma. 

Why Marquette Catholic High School?
Located just 60 miles east of downtown Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Michigan City, Indiana, Marquette Catholic High School offers access to an abundance of experiences. Our International Program team consists of dedicated teachers and professionals who focus on the whole student; academic, social, personal and spiritual. We offer many layers of support which foster the comprehensive development of your student. The number of international students in our program enhances the American experience and authentically accelerates English language proficiency. 

Marquette Catholic High School attracts academically focused students who engage, excel, and explore through our comprehensive curriculum. Students engage in foundational classes, excel in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, are challenged by honors/Advanced Placement/Dual Credit coursework, and explore academic electives that open them up to discovery. Our graduates attend a gamut of excellent colleges, from highly selective to state universities and small schools in between, an impressive mosaic of personal choices that reflect the guidance of an attentive community. 

Where does the student live when attending Marquette Catholic High School?

Life outside of school proves to be an integral part of the student experience. Two student residences are part of MQT's urban campus - a boarding house for young women and another for young men.  Each residence houses a house parent who cares for the students 24/7.

MQT matches international students who opt to live with families in our community, many of whom have their own children in the school. An extensive application, interview, background check, and ongoing supervision are all part of the process to ensure a successful experience. We encourage communication between the family, host family, school, and student regarding academic progress as well as all aspects of life in America. The International Student Program team meets regularly with the students and host families to ensure the living arrangements continue to be an enriching experience for everyone in the home. 

How can my International Student apply to Marquette Catholic High School?

MQT partners with Three W International to provide comprehensive international student enrollment management to students from China.  Together, we are able to provide unparalleled support and service to our international students, from general admissions to post-arrival and beyond.  If you are a student from China and are interested in applying to MQT, please contact Three W International here. You may also contact our Designated Admissions Liaison, Mrs. Singling Lee, by emailing her here.

Interested students from other countries can download an application here.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the traditional way of educating our students. We believe in thinking critically and inspiring them to do the same. We do this by encouraging them to be driven, to be global, to be passionate, to be connected, to find faith, to discover God and to work for the Common Good. We ask our students to embrace high expectations, to become exceptional and, ultimately, change the world.     #moreatMQTT