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A "Game-Changer"

Marquette made waves this past May when the school announced it will be implementing a portable and online curriculum application for teachers, students and parents beginning in the fall semester 2018. The curriculum "Pack", which has been developed in partnership with Lourdes Global Educational Services, Skyepack Instructional Design Services and Marquette Catholic High School will afford users access to an online curriculum application that includes all courses required for graduation at the school.

The online curriculum is the next step in integrating a unique and seamless 1:1 learning platform at Marquette. All course objectives, essential learnings, State of Indiana Standards, student and teacher learning resources, pacing guides, assessments and even enrichment activities will be available to teachers, students and parents anytime and anywhere. Marquette's teachers have been working in collaboration with Skyepack Instructional Design and Lourdes Global educational Services to customize instructional text, video, audio, images, and interactive presentations to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. The curriculum application will provide a web-based and mobile platform designed for ease of use by instructors and students.

"The collaborative curriculum work on this project has been a deeply professional and enriching experience for all involved. Once again, Marquette has stayed true to its belief in challenging the traditional way of learning. It is hoped the digitally-rich, streamlined, structured and framed curriculum will allow everyone enhanced learning opportunities as the curriculum "Pack" addresses the need for varied instructional approaches to address a myriad of student learning styles and 21st-century technology skills," President James White stated.

25 courses will be developed and available beginning in the fall of 2018. The all-inclusive "pack" will include all courses taught at the school by Fall 2019. Teachers will continually update and revise the courses packages in weekly collegial discussions. The access to such rich teaching and learning resources will allow teachers to focus more on learning, assessment, and feedback rather than traditional planning and grading.

"As many high schools are trapped to focused on attendance, behavior modification, and standardized assessments, Marquette has made a serious commitment to make student learning a priority," White commented.

He continued, "Marquette's curriculum project will set the stage for its future ventures in offering online courses and degree programs. The development of the course "packs" is a compliment to the school's 1:1 IPad technology platform implemented in 2017."