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The BE more Campaign

Every Gift.
Every Blazer.
Every Day.

Realize the power of a gift. You hold the key. What doors will you unlock?

Generosity comes in many forms, and it's often the best way for you to support important causes that mean most to you. When you give to Marquette Catholic High School, you help make a difference today and for future generations of Blazers to come.

BE more

The BE more Campaign
On October 1st, 2018, Marquette Catholic launched its BE more Campaign. Marquette Catholic High School's development program foundation is the BE more Campaign. This is the single most important source of unrestricted funds available for advancement.

BE more Campaign contributions are designated for our general operating budget with two goals:

  • To provide ongoing financial support that helps Marquette hire and retain the best teachers, update our facilities, and sustain an enriching, high-quality, faith-based, academic experience for every student
  • To fund new, yearly opportunities that enhance the student experience, including capital improvements, funding for new technology, teacher professional development, and special activity programming

BE more Campaign gifts are the fastest way to directly impact every student! They support all areas of school life and are used the same year as they are received.

The goal of the BE more Campaign, which runs from June 30th, 2018 to June 30th, 2019, is $1,000,000.

Donations are fully tax-deductible and can be paid with cash, check, credit card and/or stock transfers. Pledges can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Every gift counts. You hold the key to help Marquette students BE more. What doors will you unlock?

The Match
Most Reverend Bishop Donald J. Hying and the Diocese of Gary have magnanimously offered to match funds raised through BE more Campaign contributions, over a 5-year period, up to $500,000. In the third year of this campaign, we need to secure $300,000 in gifts to receive the full match from the Diocese. Can you imagine the advancements we will be able to make with $600,000? We need your help. Please give today!


BE more Campaign Donor List

As we close the books on our 2018-2019 school year, Marquette Catholic High School would like to thank the following donors for their support and thoughtful donations. (Donors listed are as of July 16, 2019.)

Greg Ambrose
Elizabeth (Mens) Armstrong
Paul & Sharon Applegate (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Kathleen Arvin
Lt. Col. Suzanne (Cosimano) Awalt USAF (Ret.)
Jim & Gayle Bakota (in memory of Laurel "Chrissy" Tarnow)
Eric & Julie Bassler
Kathleen (Salmon) Beeler
Lawrence Black
Virginia Bobillo
Amanda Boyd
Bill & Karen Breen
John Brennan
Katherine (Flory) Brill
Leonard J. & Irene Brown Foundation
Dave & Mary Brueggen
Tom & Julie Burke
William & Barbara Cammett
Randall & Meredithe Carnes
Tom & Mary (Wentland) Carr
Kevin & Margaret (Barry) Coleman
Brad & Katie Collignon
Amy (Pizarek) Crane
Angel & Cynthia Cruz
Lee Dabagia
Tommy & Leane Darnell
Robert & Diane Daum (in memory of John Crakes)
Ed & Maria Deksnis
Greg & Christine DePorter
Richard Dolezal
Ellen Donoghue
Mary Louise Eisele (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Mary Lou Fahey
Bill & Margie Fazekas
John Fettig
Luanne Fettig
Jim & Anita Freels
Drs. Dave & Maryann Fumo
Larry & Kathleen Gagnon
Stephen & Deborah Gallas
Catherine Garrabrant
Ed Gemperle
Bob Gidley
Eugene Gondeck (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Linda Dolan & Nick Gossert (in memory of John Crakes)
Tom & Marilyn Gotsch (in memory of Laurel "Chrissy" Tarnow)
James Grabovac
Werner & Ann Graf
L. Joseph & Jennifer Gregoline (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Andrew & Doreen Groen
Bernard Grott
Cynthia Hahn
Meghan Harte
Kathleen Hattrup
Allyson Headd
Cecil & Karen Herbsleb (in memory of John Crakes)
John & Linda Hewett (in memory of John Crakes)
Danielle (Radtke) Hoener
Jill (Cammett) and Brad Houston
Debbie (Brown) Hyndman
Alice Jesko
Joe Jokantas
Jerry & Nita Johnson (in memory of John Crakes)
Michael &Toshia Joseph
Eldon & Jery Juby
Thomas Kaminski
Mary (Felton) Kaszynski
Florrie & Tim Kelly
Thomas & Vilma Kienitz
Thomas King
Pete Klaeser
Valeria Kniola
Heather & Kurt Kost (in memory of Louise "Chrissy" Tarnow)
Edward & Judith Kuc
Shirley (Beaver) Kurtzhals
Carl & Judy Kush (in memory of John Crakes)
Jose & Josefina LaBayo
LaPorte County Habitat for Humanity
Jacqueline (Rist) Leach
Leonard J. & Irene Brown Foundation (BE more campaign and in memory of Louise Scholl)
Dianne (McClure) Lindenmeyer
James Lindou
Eddie & Roman Lopez
Glenn & Kathy Lubeznik (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Allison (Mantei) Mack
Roman & Barbara Macudzinski (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Jennifer McBride (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Francis & Helga Mark
Tim & Mary Kay (Kintzele) Mark
Kathleen Mantei (in memory of Walter Quinlan)
John & Susan Marovich
Marquette Foundation
Marilyn Mather (in memory or John Crakes)
Roger & Mary McMeans (in memory of John Crakes)
Dr. Joseph J. Majchrowicz, Superintendent, Diocese of Gary Schools
Joanne (Ott) Mansuetto
Bishop Melczek
Colleen (Salmon) Meyer
James Milcarek
Barry Morenz
Mary Moryl
Sharon (Hess) Muldoon
Carol Jean (Pelletier) Neary
Doug Noveroske
Stephanie Oberlie (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Jack & Kim Olesker
Jim & Cindi Oliver (in memory of John Crakes)
Greg & Virginia Orlowski
Bernard Panfil
Brian & Susan Pearson (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Fred & Frances Pizarek
Carol (Boris) & Marvin Pozdol
Pat & Patsy Prorok
Robert Przbylinski
John Putchaven
Queen of All Saints Knights of Columbus
Joseph & Jacqueline Quartuch (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Jennifer Quinlan
Dominic & Suzanne (Clark) Raino
Richard & Sherry Remijas
Tom Retseck
Barbara Riechel
Judy Ringo (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Margaret Robertson
Mary Roeder
John Rooney
Peggy Rose
Sakich Family
Craig Salak
Mike & June Salmon
Rachel (Zink) Sayre
Rick & Darlene Saum (in memory of John Crakes)
Bill Schmuhl
Ray Schulte
Paula Sheehy
Edwin Shelton
Pete Shikany
Susan Simpson
Danielle (Oberle) Sleight
Herman & Jacqueline Smith (in memory of John Crakes)
Larry & Kathy Smith (in memory of John Crakes)
Steve Smith (in memory of John Crakes)
Paul & Irene Steinhiser (in memory of Thomas Stahoviak)
Fred Stielow
Helenann (Hemphill) Tressmer
Dorothy Trojan
Dean & Lois Upton (in memory of John Crakes)
Rose-Anne Vminski (in memory of John Crakes)
Gary & Jan (Rudnick) Wagner (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Tracy Wagner
Jeff & Karen Welch (in memory of Louise "Chrissy" Tarnow)
Suzanne Welnetz
James White
Frank & Mollie Wiegand
Bob Wojcik & Marlene Hughes (in memory of Louise Scholl)
John & Julie Wojcik
Vincent & Faye Wozniak
Alice Zink (in memory of Louise Scholl)
Jonathan Zink

Your gift does "double duty" due to the generous match provided by Bishop Hying and the Diocese of Gary. If you have not had the opportunity to make your donation, please consider joining our list of donors and donate today. Please help us keep inspiring and educating our young adults.

Marquette Athletics Corporate Partners

Marquette Athletics would like to extend its gratitude to the following corporate partners. Our student-athletes benefit greatly from their generosity.

Gold Partners ($600 or more)

Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute
Poston & Son Plumbing
SEI Solutions, LLC
Value Flooring
Walsh & Kelly

Blue Partners ($300)

Coastal Valley Water Company
El Cantarito
Great Deals on Wheels
Harbour Trust
LaPorte County Appraisal Service
Micky Gallas Properties
Nativity School
Poston & Son Plumbing

2019 Marquette Mulligan Sponsors

1st Source Bank
ADS Logistics
AFS Company
Albano's Villa
Alpha Storage
Arrow Road Construction Company
Barnes & Thornburg
Bartlett's Fish Camp
Beachwalk Vacation Rentals
Bridges Waterside Grille
Centier Bank
CORE Construction
Crowne Plaza
Dooley's Lakehouse Pub
Family Express
Fannie May
Brian Fryar, DDA
Haas & Associates Consulting Engineers
Harbour Trust
Horizon Bank
IGC - In Good Company
Long Beach Country Club
Lucrezia Cafe'
Marquette Class of 1985
Marquette Class of 2019
Marquette Class of 2020
Marquette Class of 2021
Marquette Class of 2022
Marquette Foreign Exchange Company
Marquette Foundation
Michigan City Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
National Electrical Contractors Association
Notre Dame Parish
Ott/Haverstock Funeral Chapel
Queen of All Saints Parish
Ritz Klub
Rowley & Company, LLC
Sand Creek Country Club
Schneider's Lock & Security
St. Andrews Products
St. Patrick Catholic Community (Chesterton)
Solstice Massage
Sweney Electric
Third Coast Spice Cafe
Value Flooring, Inc.
Walsh & Kelly
Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning
Waxi Taxi
Woodland Labor Relations Consulting, Inc. 

If you or your business is interested in teaming up with Marquette Athletics, please contact assistant director of athletics Brad Collignon to learn about benefits.

Important Dates

  • 9/10 - President's Fall Mum Sale
  • 12/3 - Giving Tuesday
  • 1/26 - 2/1 - Catholic Schools Week Fundraising Drive
  • 5/18 - Marquette Mulligan