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Awaken retreats are a multi-day spiritual awakening activity. The purpose of the retreat is to help the participants contemplate their relationship with God, discover their own identity and build stronger bonds with their peers.

Marquette holds Awaken off campus and those who participate are juniors and seniors. Awaken retreats take place in the fall. 

Campus Ministry

It is my privilege to serve as the director of campus ministry for Marquette Catholic High School. It’s a beautiful place to be, and the Holy Spirit is at work here! Theology classes offer the opportunity to form the mind through the study of the Church and Her teachings. Campus Ministry offers the opportunity to form the heart through Sacraments, prayer, retreat, and service.

My favorite part of the Catholic Tradition is the universality of the Church. Our beliefs are timeless. No matter who you are, where you are, or what time you live in, the Church is a home for you. Campus Ministry seeks to make our faith relevant to today, not by changing our beliefs, but instead by encouraging all to keep the relationship with Jesus Christ at the forefront of all we do, even as life, circumstances, and situations change. Throughout my own life, I’ve noticed that often the most joyful people have been the most faith-filled people. I pray that students see our school community as people who keep Christ at our center and credit Him as the source of our joy!

If there is anything I can do to help serve you, help you to grow in your faith, or questions I can answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Please pray for the Campus Ministry team as we continue in this important and fulfilling ministry!

Anthony Holt 
Director of Campus Ministry
Academic Advising 

Rosary Club

Marquette's Rosary Club meets every Wednesday morning inside the Chapel to recite the rosary. All are welcome to share in the mystery of Jesus Christ.

Service-Learning Retreats

Students also have the opportunity to put theory into practice during our three-day service retreats. Our service-learning retreat goals are five-pronged: 

- reflect on how the Eucharist calls us
- engage in concrete acts of service which are interactive
- develop a deeper understanding of issues faced by persons who are vulnerable
- engage in analysis to understand the "root causes" of problems and issues in light of our Catholic faith
- prayerfully identify actions to take in response

Students spend several hours engaging in hands-on community service near Marquette Retreat & International House in between prayer, reflection, and guest speakers. The spiritual trip concludes with a Mass service before returning to campus to instill in their peers the power of Jesus Christ.