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Diocesan Leaders in Technology

Here at Marquette, we are committed to ensuring all our students are equipped with the latest innovations in learning. Beginning in 2017, Marquette was the first school within the Diocese of Gary to successfully enroll and implement a 1:1 iPad initiative. Utilizing the latest technology enables our students to learn anywhere, anytime - at home or in the classroom.

Need Help?

Having trouble with your iPad?
  • Is your iPad on the latest version of iOS? If not, update to the latest version.
  • If you are still having issues, follow these steps to restart your iPad.
Having trouble with your keyboard?
  • Carefully remove the iPad from the case, remove any debris blocking the connectors at the bottom, and reinsert the case.
Having trouble with your FACTS login?
  • Ensure you are logging in with the correct username. This is NOT your email address.
  • Reset your password here.
Having trouble with your Apple ID or Google Login?
  • Please fill out a support ticket below.
Having trouble with Notability?
  • Follow troubleshooting steps under “Having trouble with your iPad?” before attempting anything else.
  • If you have issues with iCloud Sync, please ensure you are connected to the internet and that you have no notifications in the Settings app. You may need to accept new Terms and Conditions before iCloud Sync can resume.
  • If you cannot write on a note and do not have an Apple Pencil, open a note, select the three dots in the top right corner, select Info, and select Disconnect under Apple Pencil.
  • If you receive a message stating that you have reached your note limit, please back up all notes and delete the app. Please note that by deleting the app, all of your data for the app will be removed. Once you have deleted the app or if you need help backing up your data, fill out a support ticket. Do not redownload the app yourself.
Having trouble with Google Classroom?
  • Follow troubleshooting steps under “Having trouble with your iPad?” before attempting anything else.
  • If your assignment due date does not match the actual due date, please ensure that you have the Chicago time zone selected under Date and Time in iPad Settings. Do not change the time manually, only use the Time Zone feature.
  • If you are having trouble with uploading assignments to Google Classroom, please submit a support ticket below.


Tech Support Ticket

If you need further assistance, please submit a support ticket through the Google Form link below and a member of the Tech Team will respond shortly. Please be specific when describing your issue. The more thoroughly you describe your issue, the faster we can help!

Tech Support Ticket Link