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The Marquette Foundation


Mission Statement

The Marquette Foundation supports the continued existence and success of Marquette High School's religious, academic, and extra-curricular programs by maintaining and growing a permanent endowment fund to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity for Catholic education at Marquette High School.

Marquette Catholic High School is home to some of the brightest, most well-rounded young adults from all over the world - people who challenge themselves daily to excel not only academically, but also in the larger context of purpose-driven, morally sound, Christian lives. They volunteer their time in our food pantries, homeless shelters, and other social service organizations. Collectively, they form the vibrant pulse of our community, the youthful heartbeat that ensures the future of the culturally enriched, forward-thinking communities that comprise our region.

The Marquette Foundation was established over 40 years ago by alumni and parents with a desire to ensure the future of Marquette High School. Our sole purpose is to benefit the school by providing a long-range source of income through the investment of contributions to an Endowment Fund.

The endowment fund consists of donations made through memorials, bequests, and cash. Holding the endowment in trust, the interest is returned to the school annually to help with operating expenses and tuition assistance for students in need.

Marquette students are intelligent and engaged, ethical, and worldly. They know the lasting importance of giving back to the communities that have seen them learn, grow, and ultimately, thrive. They are our future, a future that, under their lead, is assured to be exceptionally bright. 

Ways to Give

Click HERE to make your cash donation to the endowment fund.

The magic of a will is that you control your possessions at the time of your death, a time when you want to show the importance you place on Catholic education. A stated bequest in your will can not only benefit Marquette High School, but also be a fitting memory and lasting tribute to you or a loved one. Most importantly, your gift will assist Catholic education and help to secure our future.

Living Trusts
Charitable life-income

Gift Annuities
Gift annuities are helpful to older individuals who are looking for a safe, secure place to put their money and get an attractive interest rate, while at the same time satisfying a desire to support a cause.

Estate Planning
Planning your estate can seem at times to be a complex task. It is worth the time and effort. Through planning, you may be able to make a significant gift to the Marquette Foundation - a gift you thought you could not afford. We recommend that you consult your attorney about applying these principles to your situation.